Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - Peace Out!

It's been a rough year. Everyone has felt the some sort of strain. I felt it financially, creatively and socially. Although things have been rough, I've tried to keep an open outlook - TRIED. I tried to but it didn't always work. I've had meltdowns and sunk deeper into depression and I wonder when it's going to end. Soon, hopefully. 2017 has got to be better than 2016, right?

But lets reflect on the good that happened in the past year.

I got published. Deitra Magazine offered me an opportunity to shoot a band from Kansas City and assist in their quarterly fashion show.

All the way from Las Vegas came another publishing opportunity from The Indie Mag. This time, I got a cover!

And I closed out the year with a total of 79 shows that I have shot. 2015's total was 25 so that's kind of awesome.

This is a small list and it may not seem awesome to many, but it's a start. It's something to me and that's all that matters. My hope for 2017 is that I grow as an artist, make more connections and have more opportunities to create. That would be good. :)

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