Saturday, April 7, 2018

I'm so bad at this

I started this blog with the intention of actually using it. I thought that I would post something after editing photos of whatever concert I just shot, or whatever model I happened to have in front of my lens, but... life happens and I haven't been able to keep up.

For that, I apologize.

I would say right now that I promise to start blogging more, but why lie? hahaha

At least I'm being honest, however I do think that I'll make a conscious effort to try to do more.

Thank you.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - Peace Out!

It's been a rough year. Everyone has felt the some sort of strain. I felt it financially, creatively and socially. Although things have been rough, I've tried to keep an open outlook - TRIED. I tried to but it didn't always work. I've had meltdowns and sunk deeper into depression and I wonder when it's going to end. Soon, hopefully. 2017 has got to be better than 2016, right?

But lets reflect on the good that happened in the past year.

I got published. Deitra Magazine offered me an opportunity to shoot a band from Kansas City and assist in their quarterly fashion show.

All the way from Las Vegas came another publishing opportunity from The Indie Mag. This time, I got a cover!

And I closed out the year with a total of 79 shows that I have shot. 2015's total was 25 so that's kind of awesome.

This is a small list and it may not seem awesome to many, but it's a start. It's something to me and that's all that matters. My hope for 2017 is that I grow as an artist, make more connections and have more opportunities to create. That would be good. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Exciting News

It's been about 3 months in the making... but... I've been published again!

I was approached by the editor of Deitra Magazine about shooting a band from Kansas City who had a small gig here in Springfield. Not wanting to turn this opportunity down, I happily accepted the offer. 

The show was at a little bar called Moon City Pub. Just a hole in the wall type of place that had free popcorn and free watermelon and rum shots - served straight from the melon. 

Attic Light has more of a funk and lighter rock edge than what I'm used to when I'm out shooting shows. Normally, I'm at metal shows but it was a nice change of pace to experience a different style and a different venue. I was able to get a lot of fun shots, which can be seen on my website by clicking here

I waited so long to share these photos because I didn't know which of the images would be published. I didn't even share with the band until today. But now that the issue is out, I'm happy to share with everyone.

Another thing that's pretty exciting is that I have also been recruited to be a wardrobe assistant for Deitra's fashion shows. So that just means that I've got more fun projects to be a part of... and I'm totally ok with that.

Check out Attic Light at
Check out Deitra Magazine at 


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hello World!

Oh hello... How are you? 

This is my second attempt at blogging. I honestly don't know what's going to happen here, but at least I have my photography website to attach to this blog. The main purpose was to talk about the things that I photograph, but I have a feeling that other topics will find their way here, like my love for crafts and other artsy stuff and hopefully some future travel endeavors. Who knows. I guess we'll see.

But for those who don't know, I have jumped head first into the world of concert photography. It's fun, it's hard, it's dirty, it's disappointing... kind of like sex. Either you have a good time and get all the shots you want or you don't. I'm not the best photographer out there - I'll be the first to admit that, but at least I'm getting out there and trying. I've been knocked down in the pit, kicked, spit on, had various beverages spilled on me, pushed up against stages until bruises formed on my legs, stuck in shrinking photo pits due to overly excited fans who were pushing the barricade... and I keep going to shows, not because I'm a glutton for the punishment, but because I want to get that shot.

Sometimes people ask me how long I've been into photography. I have only been active in photography for 7 years. I had a moment one day and I realized that this is what I needed to do. So I bought a camera and... now we're here :) oh... and I have only been shooting concerts for 4 years. My concert photography has taken precedence over portrait and other creative work, but I've also been able to get myself published in the following outlets:

Springfield News Leader - August 2012
Stencil Magazine (UK), Issue 23 - January 2014
The Dead Timez, Issue 20 - September 2014

Deitra Magazine, Issue 11 (2015) & Issue 12 (2016)
Plugged In, June 2016

And I also edit video for Digital Tour Bus.

Not too bad, right? It's a good start.

If you'd like to view my website, go to Leslie Tucker Photography or you can also check out Leslie Tucker Photography on Facebook